Planning and preparing for retirement can seem daunting.
At MEA Wealth Advisors, we make the process easy.

From creating a personalized plan, to investing, to making the leap into retirement, our team provides you with expert guidance and support every  step of the way.  Our  support transforms the leap into retirement into a seamless step.

Step One

When it comes to retirement planning, knowledge is power. That’s why we start with education. We’ll help you understand key issues, ranging from how your pension plan and 401(k) work, to how you can generate a sustainable stream of income in retirement, to the best time to start collecting Social Security, to investing 101.

Step Two
Your Plan

We help create a personalized plan, one that is specifically centered around your individual goals and needs. Our planning is an ongoing process; we remain fully engaged to help you prepare for a confident retirement.

Step Three
The Transition

Finally, we help you transition from your current career to either retirement or other career opportunities. We understand that making such a leap can be challenging on a practical and emotional level, and we work with you to make the process easy and understandable.

MEA Wealth Advisors help clients retire with confidence, and we’re pleased to put our experience, knowledge and commitment at your disposal.