At MEA Wealth Advisors, we believe that knowledgeable people make more confident—and ultimately more successful—decisions about their finances and their futures. That’s why client education is at the core of our business.

Our regular, ongoing workshops are free and open to clients and non-clients alike who are planning for retirement. They include:

Company-specific retirement plan workshops

These in-person sessions walk participants through their employer’s retirement plans, including pensions and 401(k)’s, so that they clearly understand their options.

Government benefit workshops

We educate attendees in depth about Social Security, Medicare/Medical and Social Security Disability Insurance.

Retirement fundamentals workshops

These workshops help participants prepare psychologically and practically for retirement, addressing everything from the most common retirement mistakes to whether to pay off your mortgage prior to retiring.

Online workshops

Available any time, our online workshops feature a broad overview of retirement planning. Their goal: to provide participants with a core of knowledge that allows them to move forward with confidence.

The MEA team provides those we serve with clear guidance around everything from benefit selection to investment choices. And by making informed, educated choices, they truly take ownership of their futures.