MEA Wealth Advisors: Our Story

MEA Wealth Advisors is a leading investment and retirement planning company, serving clients in Southern California and across the country. Our firm is built on a desire to empower our clients to pursue their most important life goals. We’re successful because of our client focus and our experience—but also because we’ve seen firsthand what works and what doesn’t.

Marc E. Anderson, our founder, began his career nearly 35 years ago with PCC Financial Services, Inc., a corporate benefits consulting firm. Working with small, closely held businesses, Marc gained expertise in pension plans, retirement plans, deferred compensation programs and other types of employer and employee benefits.

After several years in the financial industry, however, Marc had grown disappointed: As an employee of a larger firm, he was able to provide only a limited number of investment options to his clients. He wanted more choice and better solutions for those he served. To realize his vision, Marc would found Marc E. Anderson, Inc., in 1985.

The new, independent firm answered only to its clients, and enjoyed the freedom to recommend the investments and other solutions that Marc and his team believed were best for those they served.

At the outset, Marc focused on helping clients with life insurance. But he found himself fielding more and more requests for broad financial advice. Addressing a clear need, Marc decided to earn the respected Certified Financial Planner (CFPTM) designation. Starting in 1997, the firm began to specialize in serving labor organizations.

Today, we’re proud to call ourselves a family firm. Over the past ten years, three family members have joined the firm. We’re not all related, of course!  But our entire team enjoys family-like trust and communication, which helps us to serve our clients better.

Like many of our clients, we are a multi-generation family. That means our clients can count on working with the same team for decades to come. Finally, as a family, we relate easily and naturally to the goals and needs of the families we serve.

With the firm having evolved into a mature, successful investment and retirement-planning company, Marc E. Anderson, Inc., became MEA Wealth Advisors in 2015. The name reflects our growth while linking our future to our past.

Today, Marc and the entire team remain true to our mission: Providing the experience and objective guidance that empowers clients to pursue their goals. We will never forget that we owe our success to our clients’ success.